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Pervasive Networks


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Successful companies are obtaining a competitive edge by enabling their employees to work anytime and anywhere. Enabling technologies such as Bluetooth, IP, Java, Jini, WML, WiFi, and XML/Voice make it possible to build applications that can be accessed by employees from any location. Consumers are benefiting as well, by building in-home networks and enjoying gaming on their wireless handhelds.

Pervasive technologies go well beyond wireless voice and data connectivity by providing enterprises with connectivity for CRM, ERP, and SFA processes on a ubiquitous basis, resulting in more efficient employees and a more profitable company. Carriers play a crucial role in bringing pervasive technologies to the market through broadband networks, IP-based messaging and conferencing services, third-generation wireless networks, and enterprise consulting services. This study examines the telecom carriers’ role in delivering pervasive technologies to the marketplace, and estimates the revenue opportunities associated with these pervasive technologies.

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    Marketing Dept.


    Report Excerpt

    This study looks at pervasive networks, a ubiquitous “fabric” of computing, information, entertainment, and telemetry capability all tied together by high‑speed wired and wireless networks.  Our concept of pervasive networks takes the “anytime, anywhere” concept of mobility to its logical end—“all the time, everywhere.”  In other words, users that move within a pervasive network will be able to receive and send information through a variety of applications and devices, depending on the communications environment (private or public network, operating frequency, mobility speeds, application requirements, device requirements, etc.).  While carriers do not offer this type of continuous communication today, the piece parts are already in place, or will soon be.  This study attempts to look at the confluence of wireline and wireless developments and quantify the opportunity for the carrier community when these two domains merge.  Table I-1 summarizes the forces at work driving the adoption of pervasive networking.   

    Table I-1         Changes Driving Pervasive Networking and Computing



    HTML Internet

    XML Internet

    Person-to-Web page, B2C

    System-to-System, Sensor-to-System, B2B

    Dot-com driven, VC-funded e-commerce

    Big company driven and funded e-business

    Standards for data transport and presentation

    Standards for data and process integration

    Wired Internet-PC-centric, mouse/keyboard oriented

    Mobile Internet-diverse devices with new user interfaces (e.g., voice control)

    Transaction and one-way publishing focus

    Interactions and information sharing focus

    One-size-fits-all, single user applications

    Personalized, team-oriented collaboration

    Centralized hub architectures

    Distributed, peer-to-peer architectures

    Software as a product-monolithic package

    Software as a service-modular Web service

    Systems integration

    Services integration

     SourceJim Herman, “Global Value Webs”, Supply Chain Review, July 2002 

    Services from pervasive networks will truly enhance our way of life, providing the right information for the context that a user is in.  First, pervasive services will enable easy access to information from the workplace or home in a secure fashion.  The pervasive network will be able to adapt to the kind of device the user has to connect to the network.  The network should be connected to the user’s “presence,” enabling a connection with that user on a device of his or her choice.  

    In the work environment, pervasive applications are driven by the need to extend the network out to field employees in order to provide secure access to corporate data.  Employees that are in the field or on business trips require the ability to access information residing in the corporate office—including reports, live product inventories and prices, and up-to-date financial data.  With the information residing on corporate Intranets, the mobile employee can easily access the necessary data through a wireless Internet connection. 

     In the personal environment, many people want to be entertained at the time and place of their choosing.  As a result, they are seeking entertainment applications on the cell phones, laptops, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) that they carry around.  In the home, they want to be able to connect their consumer electronics devices together to build PC‑to-PC networks and PC-to-stereo wireless connections, as well as remotely control appliances and home security devices.  In the home, we will see a proliferation of electronic devices that can be tied in to the network for remote operations.   

    Despite the differences between business and residential applications, successful implementations of pervasive-enabled services that will serve us in each area do indeed share some important characteristics: 

    • The pervasive applications must suit the environment, which may require........

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    Market Segmentation



    North America

    Wireless Voice and Data

    WiFi Services by Service Provider

    Home Networks and Homes Automated

    Mobile Phone and PDA Shipments

    Wireless Data Consumer Applications

    Wireless Carrier: Business vs Residential

    Wireless Carrier; Business Voice and Data

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    Table of Contents


    Chapter I

    Chapter II

    2.1 Enabling Technologies
    2.2.1 3G
    2.2.2 Bluetooth
    2.2.3 IP
    2.2.4 Java
    2.2.5 Jini
    2.2.6 WML
    2.2.7 WiFi
    2.2.8 XML/Voice XML
    2.2 Pervasive Technology Networks
    2.3 Security and Privacy Issues
    2.4 Carrier Strategies

    Chapter III
    3.1 Wireless Connectivity and Cellular/WiFi Integration
    3.2 Enterprise Connectivity (CRM, ERP, Sales Force Automation)
    3.3 Wireless Handheld Applications and Gaming
    3.4 Presence (IP Services)
    3.5 E-Web and Home Networking

    Chapter IV
    4.1 Enterprise Implementations
    4.1.1 Domino’s Pizza
    4.1.2 FedEx
    4.1.3 UPS
    4.1.4 Wal-mart
    4.2 Vendors and Technology Testbeds
    4.2.1 Apple
    4.2.2 Dell
    4.2.3 Handspring
    4.2.4 IBM Pervasive Technologies Laboratory
    4.2.5 Microsoft
    4.2.6 Palm
    4.2.7 SETI@home project
    4.2.8 Sun Microsystems
    4.3 Wireless Carriers
    4.3.1 AT&T Wireless
    4.3.2 Cingular Wireless
    4.3.3 Sprint PCS
    4.3.4 Verizon Wireless
    4.4 Wireline Carriers
    4.4.1 AT&T
    4.4.2 BellSouth
    4.4.3 MCI
    4.4.4 SBC Communications
    4.4.5 Sprint
    4.4.6 Verizon Communications

    Chapter V
    5.1 Wireless Connectivity and Cellular/Wi-Fi Integration
    5.2 Enterprise Connectivity (CRM, ERP, Sales Force Automation)
    5.3 Wireless Handheld Applications and Gaming
    5.4 Presence (IP Services)
    5.5 E-Web and Home Networking

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