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Private Line and Wavelength Services, 2013-2017


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Market Segmentation

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Increasing demand for wireless backhaul and converged solutions using VoIP and MPLS are driving the demand for local private lines. The market for high speed point to point circuits is expected to remain moderately positive over the next few years, even as Ethernet takes an increasing share of the point-to-point market. This study will also provide an update on the status of new copper technologies and their deployment vis-à-vis the more traditional fiber private line solutions.

Does the demand for ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth translate into increasing revenue for private lines? Will the emergence of nationwide 4G wireless solutions alter the competitive landscape? This report explores the question of how and when the new 4G infrastructures will create a threat to traditional landline private lines.

A private line is a dedicated non-switched circuit or channel that is leased for a specified period. This channel provides a private and direct connection between at least two sites. Private Line & Wavelength Services, 2012-2017 details revenue and circuit counts by carrier type, and defines the split between wholesale and retail sales of T-carrier (T1, T3) and OC-N circuits (OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, OC 192, OC-768), gigabit Ethernet, and wavelength services. Insight’s annual study illustrates how carriers and their customers continue to move to higher capacity circuits in order to reap the benefits of lower cost-per-bit transport.

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    Marketing Dept.

    Report Excerpt

    1.1    Private Line Services: Entering the Mature Phase

    The private line market has had a great run, but our most recent analysis suggests that continued growth may finally be nearing its end. 

    Year after year technical gurus predicted the death of this market.  New technologies had the potential to displace time division multiplexing (TDM) as the dominant protocol for data transport, the bedrock on which private lines had been built.  Indeed, IP/Ethernet (Internet protocol) services were introduced, adopted, and flourished.  Yet private lines continued to grow; sometimes at a rapid clip.  And though growth was disrupted by the telecom bust of the early 2000’s, private lines long term trajectory was ever upward.

    New applications were developed for businesses and consumers that generated more data traffic.  New types of devices were invented to run these applications.  Each device needed a network connection.  The plethora of applications and devices created huge demands for bandwidth.  Some of this data was transported over IP networks, but much of it wound up on private lines.  This insatiable demand for data has kept the private line market growing since its inception.

    It now appears, however, that the private line market is entering the mature phase.  Mature markets can be very profitable.  Mature markets can remain viable for years or even decades.  But mature markets do not exhibit growth. 

    This transition has been in the making for years.  IP technology was introduced over twenty years ago and initially it drove the demand for private lines.  But now it has reached the point where it is starting to have a negative impact on private lines.  In addition, the nature of IT .............

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    Market Segmentation


    Private Line Revenue

         By Service Type
                   Long Distance

         By Carrier Type
                   New Entrants (CATV & Fixed Wireless)

         By Wholesale vs. Retail

         Market Share

         New Carrier Type
                    Other Long Haul
                    New Entrant

    Private Line Circuit Counts

          By Circuit Class
                    DS-1, T-1
                    DS-3, T-3

    Wavelength Services Revenue

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    Table of Contents


    Chapter I
    1.1      Private Line Services: Entering the Mature Phase
    1.2      LTE and the Transition to IP
    1.3      Cloud Computing
    1.4      Battle Lines Redrawn
    1.5      Other Drivers
    1.6      Private Line Defined
    1.7      Traditional Private Lines
    1.8      Private Line Revenue Forecast

    Chapter II
    2.1      History and Development of Private Line Services
    2.2      Evolution of Private Line Technology
               2.2.1  Digital Networks
               2.2.2  Optical Technology
               2.2.3  Internet Protocol
               2.2.4  Private Line Emulation
    2.3      Cellular Technologies
    2.4      Streaming Video
    2.5      Regulation
               2.5.1  FCC Today Suspends Price Flexibility
               2.5.2  FCC and the Name Game
               2.5.3  IXCs
               2.5.4  Local Exchange Carriers
               2.5.6  FCC Historical Perspective
               2.5.7  Future Regulatory Considerations
    2.6      Description of Traditional Private Line Services
               2.6.1  Circuit Types
               2.6.2  Circuit Ordering
               2.6.3  Circuit Layout
               2.6.4  Redundancy & Restoration

    Chapter III
    3.1      PL Market Drivers Today
               3.1.1  Transition to LTE
               3.1.2  Transition to IP
               3.1.3  Cloud Computing 56
    3.2      Evolution of the Private Line Market
    3.3      Traditional Applications
               3.3.1  Dedicated Private Line Networks
               3.3.2  Interexchange Private Line
               3.3.3  Local Private Lines
               3.3.4 A dding Voice to Data
               3.3.5  Packet Networks
               3.3.6  VPNs
               3.3.7  Special Access
    3.4      The Newer Applications
               3.4.1  Internet Access
               3.4.2  Integrated Access for VoIP
               3.4.3  VoIP Standards Based Integrated Access
               3.4.4  Wireless
               3.4.5  Video
    3.5      Industry Players and Consolidation
               3.5.1  IXCs
               3.5.2  ILECs
               3.5.3  CLEC
               3.5.4  Wireless
               3.5.5  ISPs
               3.5.6  Other Long Haul Carriers
    3.6      New Entrants (CATV and Fixed Wireless)
               3.6.1  Cable MSOs
               3.6.2  Fixed Wireless
    3.7      Markets
               3.7.1  Wholesale vs. Retail Markets
               3.7.2  Retail
               3.7.3  Residential Consumer Impact

    Chapter IV
    4.1      Overview
    4.2      Ethernet Services
               4.2.1  Ethernet versus SONET
               4.2.2  Ethernet Services Technology
               4.2.3  MPLS
               4.2.4  Ethernet Over Copper
               4.2.5  Impact on Private Line Markets
    4.3      Wavelength Services
               4.3.1  Wholesale Segment
               4.3.2  Large Enterprise Segment
               4.3.3  Development of Wavelength Services
               4.3.4  Wavelength Services Technology
               4.3.5  Impact on Private Line Markets
               4.3.6  Example Wavelength Service Providers
               4.3.7  Wavelength Services Market Direction

    Chapter V
    5.1      Overview
    5.2      AT&T Corporation
               5.2.1  Network Architecture
               5.2.2  Private Line Services Offered
               5.2.3  Wholesale Private Line
               5.2.4  Other Services Offered
    5.3      CenturyLink
               5.3.1  Network Architecture
               5.3.2  Private Line Services Offered
               5.3.3  Other Services Offered
    5.4      Cox Business Services
               5.4.1  Private Line Services Offered
               5.4.2  Other Services Offered
    5.5      Level3 Communications, Inc.
               5.5.1  Network Architecture
               5.5.2  Private Line Services Offered
               5.5.3  Other Services Offered
    5.6      Optimum Lightpath
               5.6.1  Network Architecture
               5.6.2  Private Line Services Offered
    5.7      Sprint
               5.7.1  Network Architecture
               5.7.2  Private Line Services Offered
    5.8      Tw Telecom
               5.8.1  Network Architecture
               5.8.2  Private Line Services Offered
               5.8.3  Other Services Offered
    5.9      Verizon Communications
               5.9.1 Network Architecture
               5.9.2  Private Line Services Offered
               5.9. 3 Other Services Offered
    5.10      Windstream
                 5.10.1  Network Architecture
                 5.10.2  Private Line Services Offered
                 5.10.3  Other Services Offered
    5.11      XO Communications
                 5.11.1  Network Architecture
                 5.11.2  Private Line Services Offered
                 5.11.3  Other Services Offered
    5.12      Zayo
                 5.12.1  Network Architecture
                 5.12.2  Private Line Services Offered
                 5.12.3  Other Services Offered

    Chapter VI
    6.1      Private Line Market Summary
               6.1.1  Methodology
               6.1.2  Definitions
    6.2      Forecasts and Analyses
               6.2.1  Total Market
               6.2.2  Local and Long Distance
               6.2.3  Wholesale and Retail
               6.2.4  Carrier Types
               6.2.5  Wavelength Services
               6.2.6  Circuit Class

    Table of Figures

    Chapter I
    I-1    Typical Layout for a Full Circuit
    I-2    Total Private Line Revenue, 2012-2017

    Chapter II
    II-1    Cost to Reach Underserved Broadband Households
    II-2    Capacities of 64Kbit/s, T1, and T3 Circuits
    II-3    Typical Layout for a Full Circuit
    II-4    SONET Rings
    II-5    Fiber-to-Fiber Redundancy
    II-6    Cable-to-Cable Physical Redundancy

    Chapter III
    III-1    Smartphone Quarterly Data Usage in MB
    III-2    Cell Site Backhaul Speeds by Technology
    III-3    PSTN in Transition 54
    III-4    Intelligent Network to Enable Best of Breed Applications
    III-5    Evolution of Private Line Market
    III-6    Typical Circuit Switched Voice Network
    III-7    Typical Packet Switched Network
    III-8    CenturyLink’s Frame Relay Network
    III-9    Typical IP Network
    III-10 Interexchange Private Line Architecture
    III-11 Integrated Services Architecture
    III-12 Managed Packet Network - Virtual Private Line
    III-13 Internet Access Architecture
    III-14 XO Communications VoIP (SIP) Solution
    III-15 Typical Backhaul Configuration 78
    III-16 Telephone Subscribers among Major Cable MSOs

    Chapter IV
    IV-1     Resilient Packet Ring Technology

    Chapter V
    V-1    AT&T Data Revenue Growth Year over Year
    V-2    AT&T Private Line Service – Multipoint 130
    V-3    AT&T Wholesale Revenue Annual Change, 2011-2012 132
    V-4    CenturyLink Fiber Network 135
    V-5    CenturyLink Wholesale Revenue 136
    V-6    Cox Communications National IP Backbone 139
    V-7    Level3 Quarterly Data Revenue, 2011-2012
    V-8    Global Map on Level3 Private Line Brochure
    V-9    Sprint Wireline Data Revenue, 2006-2011 148
    V-10  Sprint Global MPLS Network
    V-11  tw telecom Network
    V-12  Windstream Revenue 2011 – 2012
    V-13  Windstream Average Price per PL Circuit 2011 - 2012
    V-14  XO Intercity Long Haul Network
    V-15  XO Broadband Wireless Spectrum
    V-16  Zayo Network

    Chapter VI
    VI-1    Private Line Revenue Totals by Carrier Type
    VI-2    Wholesale Private Line Revenue Totals by Carrier Type
    VI-3    Retail Private Line Revenue Totals by Carrier Type
    VI-4    Wavelength Services Revenue Totals, 2012-2017
    VI-5    PL Revenue Distribution by Carrier Type Using New Seg. Def.

    Table of Tables

    Chapter II
    II-1    Digital Services Hierarchy
    II-2    SONET/Optical Carrier Hierarchy
    II-3    Coordinated vs. Non-Coordinated Circuits

    Chapter III
    III-1   Mobile Applications and Traffic Intensity
    III-2   Continuing Industry Consolidation
    III-3   CLEC/ILEC Mergers and Acquisitions
    III-4   ADSL vs. Coaxial Cable: Number of High Speed Lines

    Chapter IV
    IV-1   SONET and Ethernet Defined Transmission Rates
    IV-2   Wholesale Wavelength Market Segments
    IV-3   Typical Service Provider Offers for Native Wavelength Services

    Chapter V
    V-1   Carrier Network Architecture Comparison
    V-2   AT&T Portfolio of Network Services

    Chapter VI
    VI-1   Total Private Line Revenue 2012-2017
    VI-2   Private Line Revenue, Local vs. Long Distance
    VI-3   Private Line Revenue by Wholesale/Retail Segments
    VI-4   Revenue for Local Private Line by Wholesale/Retail Segments
    VI-5   Revenue for LD Private Line by Wholesale/Retail Segments
    VI-6   ILEC Private Line Revenues, Local and Long Distance
    VI-7   ILEC Private Line Revenues by Wholesale/Retail Segments
    VI-8   CLEC Private Line Revenues, Local and Long Distance
    VI-9   CLEC Private Line Revenues by Wholesale/Retail Segments
    VI-10 Toll Carriers Private Line Revenue, Local and Long Distance
    VI-11 Toll Carriers Private Line Revenues by Wholesale/Retail Segments
    VI-12 New Entrants Private Line Rev. by Local and Long Distance Seg.
    VI-13 New Entrants Private Line Revenues by Wholesale/Retail Segments
    VI-14 Private Line Revenue Totals by Carrier Type
    VI-15 Wholesale Private Line Revenue Totals by Carrier Type
    VI-16 Retail Private Line Revenue Totals by Carrier Type
    VI-17 Wavelength Services Revenue Totals, 2012-2017
    VI-18 Private Line Revenue by Carrier Type Using New Seg. Def.
    VI-19 Local Private Line, Estimated Circuit Count by Circuit Class
    VI-20 LD Private Line - Estimated Circuit Count by Circuit Class

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