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Telecommunications,  IT and Healthcare: Wireless Networks, Digital Healthcare and the Transformation of US Healthcare, 2009 - 2014

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Market Segmentation
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In the US, the $2.4 trillion ecosystem of hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers that make up the healthcare industry will be spending tens of billions of dollars between now and 2014 on telecommunications services and equipment.   The new administration has raised the importance of improving health care, while simultaneously solving the costs challenges.  Stimulus funding for computerized medical records, prevention and wellness initiatives, research, and workforce training has already started.

Rising healthcare industry costs and a shortage of skilled staff have created a lucrative opportunity for technology and service providers, as hospitals and other front-line healthcare providers look to adopt new technology to lower their operating costs.  The Congressional Budget Office estimates that by 2025, one out of every four dollars in our national economy will be tied up in the health system.

Fiber optics, wireless access, and digital transmission will transform healthcare networks, while extending care to remote patients via telemedicine applications will lower healthcare delivery costs.  The healthcare industry may finally be poised to make the commitment to a new generation of networking technology.

This study examines the transformation of healthcare information technology, the trends in provider care, and the forces that shape this massive industry.   We survey a representative number of US hospitals and care providers, make recommendations for carriers who address this industry, and provide forecasts of spending for hardware and network services.

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    Marketing Dept.

    Report Excerpt

    1.1 US Healthcare and Telecommunications

    Many of the predictions made in our previous report, Telecommunications, IT and Healthcare: Wireless Networks, Digital Healthcare and the Transformation of US Healthcare, 2008-2012, have come to pass.  Healthcare has increased in every dimension, including per capita spending, insurance premiums, out-of-pocket payments, rates of treatment, and the number of uninsured.  Accordingly, healthcare spending on telecommunications has increased at the pace consistent with our prior analysis.

    The volume of healthcare transactions and the amount of electronic information exchanged over healthcare networks continues to grow faster than any other vertical industry.  Telecommunications providers have responded to increasing demand with more bandwidth, higher performance, and mobility products.  In the US, the new administration under President Barack Obama has raised the importance of improving health care, while trying to solve the costs challenges that accompany this growth.

    Since our last report, healthcare IT service and software providers have grown through consolidation, providing more integrated healthcare solutionsócombining wireline and wireless networks and integrating IT platforms with healthcare applications.  These providers continue to expand their healthcare solutions practice by partnering with healthcare application providers.

    For telecommunications providers, healthcare is an attractive market.  The US healthcare industry is a $2.6 trillion ecosystem of hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers.  Outpacing all other industries, healthcare is projected to grow ..............

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    Market Segmentation


    Total US Healthcare Telecom Service Spending

    US Healthcare Wireline Spending

    US Healthcare Wireless Spending

    Total Telecom Service Spending by Healthcare Provider Type
         Other Practitioner
         Nursing Care
         Clinics and Labs

    Cellular Telecom Service Spending by Healthcare Provider Type
         Other Practitioner
         Nursing Care
         Clinics and Labs

    Number of Healthcare Facilities
         Physician Offices
         Nursing Care
         Clinics and Labs

    US Healthcare Practitioners
         Other Practitioner
         Other (ex. Pharma)

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    Table of Contents


    Chapter I

    1.1        US Healthcare and Telecommunications
    1.2        Healthcare Industry Telecommunications Spending

    Chapter II

    2.1        Background
    2.2        Pervasive Healthcare
    2.3        The Role of IT and Telecom in Healthcare
    2.4        Transform Healthcare through IT
    2.5        Private Initiatives impacting Healthcare
    2.6       Government Initiatives impacting Healthcare
    2.7       Healthcare Provider Consolidation
    2.8       International
    2.9       Future Healthcare IT and Telecom Trends
    2.10     Carrier Opportunities

    Chapter III

    3.1       US Healthcare Market
    3.2       Market Segments
                3.2.1 Hospitals
                3.2.2 Physician Offices
                3.2.3 Nursing
                3.2.4 Clinics
                3.2.5 Nursing Homes
                3.2.6 Home Care
                3.2.7 Pharmaceuticals
    3.3       Veterans Affairs
    3.4       Industry Consolidation

    Chapter IV

    4.1        Imaging
    4.2        Telemedicine
    4.3        Home Health Monitoring
    4.4        Practice and Operations Management
    4.5        Electronic Health Records
    4.6        Healthcare Information Exchanges
    4.7        Electronic Prescription
    4.8        Integrated Health Managers
    4.9        National and Regional Networks

    Chapter V

    5.1        IT and Telecom in the Healthcare Setting
    5.2        US Population Trends
    5.3        World Population and Life Expectancy
    5.4        Healthcare Costs
    5.5        Healthcare Employment
    5.6        Hospitalization
    5.7        Clinics and Labs
    5.8        Physicians
    5.9       Nursing
    5.10     Pharmaceuticals

    Chapter VI

    6.1        Information and Bandwidth
    6.2        Wireless Services and Coverage
    6.3        Technology Investment and Adoption
    6.4        Networks
                 6.4.1   Wireline Access
                 6.4.2   Ethernet Services
                 6.4.3   Wireless Access
                 6.4.4   Wireless LANs
                 6.4.5   Wireless 4G: Wimax/LTE
                 6.4.6   Satellite
    6.5        Equipment
    6.6        Managed Services and Outsourcing

    Chapter VII

    7.1        Forecast Summary
    7.2        Methodology
    7.3        Healthcare Industry Metrics
    7.4        Services Forecast
    7.5       Healthcare Provider Forecast
    7.6       Pricing and Penetration Forecasts
    7.7       Conclusion

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