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Telecom market research reports available off the shelf on an individual basis, in PDF. Current topics include SDN, NFV, IoT, 5G, OSS/BSS, Vertical Markets, Grid Computing, Private Line Services and many more.



Your choice of telecommunications market research reports for unlimited corporate-wide distribution, executive summaries, email newsletter, and the most responsive analyst inquiry in the industry. Insight's competitive market analysis is among the best. For details email us:


Custom competitive assessments, market entry strategies, market sizing, business analyses and technical evaluations for individual clients with expressed interest in the telecommunications industry. For details email us:

New Reports

Coming Soon: Containers and Telcos - Ready to tango?
Publication Month : March 2019

Containers are of a relatively recent vintage by themselves. Docker had its initial release only in 2013. While Docker is considered to be the harbinger of containers, the technology received a shot in the arm only with the availability of Kubernetes, developed initially by Google. There is a near unanimity of opinion that Kubernetes elegantly addressed the vexing issue of ...

Coming Soon: LSO and MANO - Conflict or Cohabitation?
Publication Month : March 2019

One can surmise that successful VNF orchestration powered by the NFVO and MANO completes the objectives of NFV successfully. Is this really true? VNF instantiation is only the beginning. Any new service should be backed by the operationalizing the necessary BSS and OSS services. In some situations, there is a lack of synchronization between VNF and BSS/OSS framework largely due to ...

vRAN and vEPC: State-of-the-art
Publication Month : February 2019

vRAN and vEPC rank among the most challenging use-cases of NFV, as they strike at the very core of cellular traffic engineering. There are multiple flavors of these technologies that range from scratching the surface at the upper network layers ranging to the radical approach of virtualizing the root layers themselves. This report will take stock of the past, make ...

SDN and NFV: The Game-changing Impact
Publication Month : February 2018

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) promise to rewrite the rules of network design, engineering, configuration and management. Their impact is being felt across the stakeholder spectrum from OEMs to telecom operators. The number of companies associated with NFV and SDN is already in three digits. What are SDN and NFV? At the risk of oversimplifying things, it can ...

Today's Hot Topics

Insight Research is privileged to be analyst partner for MPLS+SDN+NFVWorld Paris 2019

Research Agenda

SDN and NFV are unlike any other technology constructs. They have a bearing on practically every aspect of telco function. Insight Research covers SDN and NFV comprehensively in its research agenda.

Our upcoming reports include the following titles:

  • vRAN/vEPC
  • The SD-WAN Market
  • 5G and SDN/NFV
  • IoT and SDN/NFV
  • Big Data and SDN/NFV
  • Containers in SDN/NFV
  • LSOs in SDN/NFV
  • The SDN Controller Market
  • The NaaS/BoD Market
  • The CORD Market


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