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Coming Soon: LSO and MANO - Conflict or Cohabitation?
Publication Month : May 2019

One can surmise that successful VNF orchestration powered by the NFVO and MANO completes the objectives of NFV successfully. Is this really true?...

Coming Soon: Containers and Telcos - Ready to tango?
Publication Month : April 2019

Containers are of a relatively recent vintage by themselves. Docker had its initial release only in 2013. While Docker is considered to be the harb...

vRAN and vEPC: State-of-the-art
Publication Month : February 2019

vRAN and vEPC rank among the most challenging use-cases of NFV, as they strike at the very core of cellular traffic engineering. There are multiple...

SDN and NFV: The Game-changing Impact
Publication Month : February 2018

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) promise to rewrite the rules of network design, engineering, configurat...

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