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As our name suggests, we specialize in providing in-depth analysis and insight into various industries and markets. Our group of experienced analysts and researchers use cutting-edge practices and tools to collect and analyze data. We provide you with accurate and practical intelligence to help you make informed and knowledge-based business choices.

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Our research includes annual and semi-annual detailed market and technology research in key industry topic areas.

February 17, 2024

AI burden in RAN - 5G Wins!

Does 5G wear the AI burden more lightly in the RAN than earlier ‘older’ generations? Most certainly! We aver in our upcoming report, “ AI ML and DL in the Mobile Core ”. To be sure, there was no shortage of motivation for the usage of AI in 4G....

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February 09, 2024

The Table, The RAN, The AI and The Serving

What is the singularly pivotal value addition that 5G networks bring to the table? Beyond doubt, it is their ability to become all things for everyone. Welcome aboard traffic optimization – better known as network slicing plus edge computing.

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This firm is aptly-named; I view Insight research as a reliable partner in providing relevant, competent industry intelligence. Its analysts are accessible, eager to explore topical inquiries.


The reports we have purchased for years from Insight Research are penetrating and thorough, full of compelling analysis and shrewd assessment of marketplace issues. The chance to disseminate them via HTML documents through our company Intranet has brought much wider usage and resulting praise for Insight's work.


I was impressed with the amount of information Insight was able to gather in such a short period of time as well as the level of analysis that was conducted. Another research firm which was contracted to put together a similar report did not come close to meeting Insight's level of analysis or quality of data...I consider Insight one of my top a wonderful source for custom documents.


Ericsson Inc. (Network Systems Division) values its subscription service arrangement with Insight Research because of their thorough analysis of the issues, depth of knowledge, and quick response to inquiries...none in the industry could match their response time.

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