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About The Insight Research Corporation

The international telecommunications marketplace can indeed be a bewildering place. Conflicting national policy goals, shifting vendor alliances, and a continuing stream of new technology claims come together in the most dynamic segment of the new global economy. Understanding it all requires a sense of perspective.

Our perspective comes from more than a decade of market research expertise, performed by senior-level analysts with at least 10 to 15 years of practical industry experience in engineering, product management, marketing research, and business development.

Insight offers market research reports unmatched in depth and quality, and custom research services designed to meet our clients' unique needs. Our Subscription Program clients receive their choice of Insight reports and the most prompt, responsive analyst inquiry service in the industry.

Since its founding in 1990, Insight has gained a reputation for objective, thoughtful market research. Telecommunications industry analysis is our sole focus; we are in the marketplace every day evaluating information and analyzing data, providing the most current, leading-edge market assessments. By continually expanding our agenda to serve the changing needs of our clients, we have earned a reputation for unparalleled customer support.

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