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CNFs and VNFs in cellular telephony RAN and packet core switching functions will weather the Covid19 pandemic impact

Marketing   |   June 29, 2020

The adoption of cloud-native network functions (CNF) will be set back by 12-18 months due to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. This is one of the key forecasts of the report “CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis”, released by Insight Research last week. The report covers the market prospects of virtualized network functions (VNF) in addition to CNFs.

“The pandemic will most certainly deliver a setback to the telco spending through 2021. The industry will however bounce back spectacularly post 2021 to witness accelerated adoption of CNFs as well as VNFs.”, avers Kaustubha Parkhi, Principal Analyst with Insight Research.

This report is a master compilation of two independent reports covering the radio access network (RAN) network function, and the packet core (Core) network function respectively.

With this trilogy, Insight Research continues to lead the market research effort into the exciting yet challenging world of CNFs.

The report covers the CNF and VNF initiatives of more than 70 companies including telcos, equipment vendors, semiconductor specialists, ISVs and other stakeholders. The report also dissects the CNF market for individual network functions by seven different criteria, and the VNF market for individual network functions by six different criteria.

“Telcos are the main drivers behind CNFs, and the vendors are coming around. We must appreciate that the industry as a whole is showing remarkable agility in shedding off the baggage of vendor-locked network equipment in key network functions. It shows that telcos are willing to take calculated risks – going so far as to embrace something as radical as CNFs in critical and performance-intensive network functions” reasons Parkhi.

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About Insight Research: Insight Research has a track record of close to 30 years of covering the telecommunications market. The company is a leader in the field of CNF market research. We originated in the US and are presently based in Bengaluru, India.

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