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Insight's comparative market research reports provide in-depth analysis of major telecommunications industry issues. Each report covers a single strategic subject area--subjects deemed worthy of detailed analysis by our subscribers, major industry players who use our studies in their long-range strategic planning.

Every Insight study sets up the issues and market conditions, describes the players, cites the technology factors, and projects marketplace trends. Written clearly and concisely, each report makes full use of charts and graphs to present market data and our projections. Reliable five-year forecasts are always included.telecommunications industry research reports

Please review Insight's methodology for more information on our comprehensive market research reports. You can also call 973-541-9600 or email for assistance locating reports. Also remember Insight performs custom research suited to your specific requirements.

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis
Publication Month : June 2020   |   Pages : 190
Covid19 and its associated measures have been a mixed bag for telcos. On one hand, telcos and NF vendors will get adversely affected by the most unprecedented global recession witnessed in close to a century;...

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony Packet Core: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis
Publication Month : June 2020   |   Pages : 140
Core VNFs, or vEPCs are fast becoming the norm. A significant improvement from their outlier status in comparison with conventional network switches a few years back. Admittedly, the role played by LTE use-cases has been...

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony RAN: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis
Publication Month : June 2020   |   Pages : 135
CNFs in RAN present the ultimate frontier in network function engineering. Insight Research forecasts a jump of about 9 percent in the share of RAN CNFs. The jump is indicative of the enormous potential that...

The Lifecycle Services Orchestration (LSO) market - Cracking the telecom orchestrator market puzzle
Publication Month : September 2019   |   Pages : 90
Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) has a very straightforward premise - "Failing to prepare is the same as preparing to fail" LSO is saddled with the expectation of being a master entity that will orchestrate end-to-end applications traversing...

The Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Market - Containers and Microservices in the Telco Market
Publication Month : July 2019   |   Pages : 127
Well, the answer is yes! There are caveats however, according to the ONLY cloud native network functions (CNF) market forecast in town! In theory, the value-proposition of containers is crystal clear - ridding the network function...

The virtual vEPC and vRAN market - Readying networks for the 5G era
Publication Month : February 2019   |   Pages : 125
vRAN and vEPC rank among the most challenging use-cases of NFV, as they strike at the very core of cellular traffic engineering. There are multiple flavors of these technologies that range from scratching the surface...

Custom Report on the vRAN Market
Publication Month : February 2019   |   Pages : 70

Custom Report on the vRAN Market - Enhanced
Publication Month : February 2019   |   Pages : 90

The SDN and NFV market - Re-engineering Telecommunications
Publication Month : February 2018   |   Pages : 200
Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) promise to rewrite the rules of network design, engineering, configuration and management. Their impact is being felt across the stakeholder spectrum from OEMs to telecom operators. The...

Cloud based Integrated Unified Communications Opportunity: Solutions, Services and Connectivity, 2016-2020
Publication Month : April 2016   |   Pages : 100
In the early 1990s, one industry insider articulated a vision that has only now become a reality “"the network is the computer" (Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems). The cloud has indeed become the creative visualization of...

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