EFY’s RISC Conference Inspires Progress on IoT Security

Published on June 22, 2017

EFY Conferences hosted the 'Real-world IoT Security Conference' (RISC) 2017, bringing together engineers and IoT enthusiasts to explore the crucial realm of IoT security. As IoT devices become increasingly prevalent, addressing their vulnerabilities is of paramount importance.

This groundbreaking event featured an array of sessions, including insights from experts at TwelveDot Canada, Philips HealthTech, Liverpool Data Research Associates, Cyber Intelligence, ABB Corporate Research Center, NIT Rourkela, Attify, and LDRA, among others. Panel discussions were moderated by Narang N. Kishor from Narnix Technolabs and Kaustubha Parkhi from Techgradient.

Participants left RISC '17 inspired and equipped with the knowledge and connections needed to secure IoT devices effectively. Experts highlighted the pressing need for secure coding, encryption techniques, and protection against potential vulnerabilities.

To explore the full news and learn more about this transformative event, click here.

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