Insight Research writes for TeckNexus: The Shifting Sands of the Network Function Orchestrator Landscape

Published on November 10, 2022

In the dynamic realm of network function orchestrators, container technology is emerging as the frontrunner, leaving traditional VMs in its wake. Leading this transformation is Kubernetes (K8s), the orchestration powerhouse, reshaping the industry landscape.

K8s' influence extends beyond the application layer, venturing into the infrastructure domain, where it orchestrates with finesse. The introduction of Project Nephio further solidifies K8s' role as an infrastructure orchestrator, revolutionizing the orchestration game.

But what about the conventional MANOs (Management and Orchestration systems)? They're adapting to include containers and cloud-native network functions (CNFs), recognizing the shifting sands of the industry.

For the complete analysis, insights, and the remarkable role of Kubernetes, read the full article on TeckNexus. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving network function orchestrator landscape.

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