LSO: Bridging the Past and the Future

Published on May 13, 2019

We have been part of the discussion at Layer123's Network Transformation Congress 2019 held in San Jose, where Insight Research, in a presentation titled 'LSO: Bridging the Past and the Future,' explored Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) and its intricate structure. Kaustubha Parkhi, our principal analyst, delivered this insightful presentation that highlighted some of the contradictions and inconsistencies of LSO and the course correction measures that MEF has taken over the years. The presentation also included market size projections for LSO, breaking it down into two main components: BUS and SOF solutions, initially expected to dominate, with API and Gateway solutions likely to gain more significance in the long run. Despite the obstructions that LSO has faced in the past, it possesses inherent strengths that promise a bright future.

For more insights, you can click here to watch the presentation video.

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Manash Gogoi
Insight Research Corporation
Bengaluru, India

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