Insight Research Releases New Report on Virtual RAN Technology Market

Bengaluru, India - 12 December 2021

Containers are winning the battle of vRANs against Virtual Machines, asserts “How’s vRAN Doing These Days”, from Insight Research. While Open RAN seems to be the collective flavor of the season, it is still a long-shot with major OEMs being largely non-committal to the idea. Virtual RAN on the other hand, is here and now.

“Today, the world appears to be divided among supporters or opponents of Open RAN, not on the basis of technology, but on the basis of geopolitics. As we have evidenced in the past, geopolitics is a fluid entity. The foes of today can be friends tomorrow and vice-versa. We will not hazard to forecast where geopolitics will take us. We will stick to market forecasting of technology-driven trends.”, says Kaustubha Parkhi, Principal Analyst.

Insight Research has profiled 27 solution providers and 34 telco operators in the report, including the following:

Solution Providers

Telco Operators

1.       Cisco Systems

1.       AT&T

2.       Ericsson

2.       Airtel

3.       Huawei

3.       China Mobile

4.       Intel

4.       Deutsche Telekom

5.       NEC/Netcracker

5.       Jio

6.       Nokia

6.       KDDI

7.       Red Hat

7.       Orange

8.       Casa Systems

8.       Rakuten

9.       VMware

9.       Telefonica

10.   ZTE

10.   Verizon


Report is available in three formats:

  1. Single User Licence
  2. 6-Seat Licence
  3. Unlimited Corporate Licence

For more information about our latest report, visit the link below:



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Manash Gogoi
Insight Research Corporation
Bengaluru, India

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