Rocketing Growth in Spending by US Businesses on Telecom Hardware, Software and Services Will Far Surpass Consumer Spending Over Next Five Years.

Durango, Colorado - 29 May 2014

Overall US spending on telecommunications is expected to increase nearly two percent from $422 billion this year to $456 billion in 2019, though such modest growth masks the cavernous disparities between business versus consumer outlays across more than 19 different hardware, software, and service segments tracked in this new market research study from The Insight Research Corporation. For example, in terms of hardware, and more specifically cell phones, business purchasing will grow nearly 16 percent over the forecast period while consumers spending on this type of hardware will decline at an even faster rate. Another example, taken from the realm of mobile device applications software sales, posits business spending will grow at a 20 percent rate over our forecast period, while consumer spending will grow only in the mid-single digits.

Insight Research’s market analysis study, “US Telecom Buying: Changing Consumer & Business Purchase Patterns, 2014-2019” tracks consumer versus business spending across four broad areas: hardware, software, managed services, and connectivity. Each broad area is further segmented. For example, connectivity spending by business versus consumer is further divided into cellular voice; cellular data; cellular data cards; cellular routers and gateways; wireline voice, wireline WANs; DSL high-speed Internet connectivity; fiber high-speed Internet connectivity; and cable high-speed Internet connectivity. As another example, within the broad area of managed services, spending by business versus consumer is further segmented into M2M services; unified communications services; and managed hosting and co-location services.

“The very wide disparities in projected spending growth that we found when looking at consumer and business buying trends across more than 19 different telecommunications categories came as quite a shock, “says Robert Rosenberg, President of Insight Research. “Our research left little doubt in our minds that the carriers, their software developers, and their equipment suppliers are going to put ever greater amounts of their development budgets into areas that meet the needs of businesses,” Rosenberg concluded.

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