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NewsFirst Telecom, Insight's free email newsletter, is our way of sharing significant findings from Insight's most recent research with clients, friends, the press, and the Internet community. NewsFirst Telecom offers excerpts of new Insight market research reports, plus additional analysis we don't publish anywhere else.

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It's no secret that one of the best ways to learn about an information provider is to sample its work. With NewsFirst Telecom, we make it easy for you to familiarize yourself with the kinds of thorough, sharp analysis we compose.

Each NewsFirst Telecom issue contains:

  •   a press release announcing a new market research report,
  •   an excerpt from that report, and
  •   an “Internet Telecom Tip” which reviews a useful telecom-related Internet web site, discussion list, or other online resource.

This service also includes NewsFirst EXTRAs. EXTRAs arrive independently--whenever we get hold of special information.

  •   analysis of recent industry news, telecom conferences, and analyst briefings,
  •   interviews with key industry executives, and
  •   information we don‘t publish in any other forum.

NewsFirst Telecom supplies useful perspectives on the telecom marketplace in a clear, concise format. The missives arrive once or twice a month, so it won't crowd your mailbox with annoying frequency.

Moreover, we take your privacy very seriously: Insight will not sell, exchange, or give away your email address to anyone for any reason.

You may distribute NewsFirst Telecom and NewsFirst EXTRAs to your friends and colleagues via email or you may post them on your company's Intranet (proper sourcing requested). Our library and information center clients use NewsFirst Telecom to inform employees of available information resources and to enhance their own internal news bulletins.

To become a NewsFirst Telecom subscriber, please fill out Insight‘s response form. NewsFirst Telecom began as a free service in 1993, and it will continue to remain free.


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