Insight Research Releases New Report on Virtual Network Function Orchestrators (VNFO) Market

Bengaluru, India - 4 January 2023

The VNFO, or the NFVO, or the MANO, or the NFO is the most fluid among the already fluid terminologies in the NFV domain. The term often gets intermixed with service orchestrators, SDN controllers and even OSS/BSS. This market is a heady mix of IT virtualization, including containers, microservices and VMs; cloud computing in all its glory and cutting-edge programming concepts matching wits with the extremely conventional network function engineering methodologies.

Dissecting this market is that much more difficult, but we did it!

To remove the clutter surrounding VNFO by putting hard numbers on its market size with clear-cut inclusions and exclusions, Insight Research announce the release of its report The VNFO – Ripe for Change.

Insight Research has profiled 23 solution providers and 25 telco operators in the report, including the following:

Solution Providers

Telco Operators

1. ADVA 1. AT & T
2. Calsoft Inc 2. China Mobile
3. Capgemini 3. Cox Communication Inc
4. Cisco 4. Reliance Jio
5. Ericsson 5. TIM S.p.A.
6. ETSI 6. Orange SA
7. Linux Foundation 7. Singtel
8. Red Hat 8. Telefonica SA
9. Vmware 9. Verizon
10. WeaveWorks 10. T-Mobile


Report is available in three formats:

1. Single User Licence
2. 6-Seat Licence
3. Unlimited Corporate Licence

For more information about our latest report, visit the link below:


Manash Gogoi
[email protected]
Insight Research Corporation
Bengaluru, India

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