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We highlight the issues and market conditions, describe the players, cite the technology factors, and project marketplace trends. Our reports are clear and concise and make use of graphs and charts to make our projections

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AI and RAN – How fast will they run?


The VNFO – Ripe for Change

Coming Soon – 5G Antennas – Where the rubber meets the road

Coming Soon – AI ML and DL in the Mobile Core

Virtual core-real way to the 5g research

Virtual Core – Gateway to the “Real 5G”

how we ran doing these days

How’s vRAN doing these days?

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony Packet Core: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony RAN: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis

The Lifecycle Services Orchestration (LSO) market – Cracking the telecom orchestrator market puzzle

The virtual vEPC and vRAN market – Readying networks for the 5G era

The Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Market – Containers and Microservices in the Telco Market

The SDN and NFV market – Re-engineering Telecommunications

Managed Services in an IP World: Global Opportunities for Wireless and Wired Networks 2016-2021

Strategic Data Services for US Businesses: IP VPNs, Ethernet, Cloud and Hosting Services 2016-2021

Cloud-based, Integrated Unified Communications Opportunity: Solutions, Services and Connectivity, 2016-2020